100 pairs of shoes, Philly

Pairs no.s 2 & 3: I was rushing madly around Philly — not because that’s how I “do” Philly, but because my musician ADHD son was out for the weekend from Chicago. He apparently wanted to physically “see” Philly on foot and so we did. Here are the next two willing participants in this experiment. It begins with

“May I take a picture of your shoes?”

At first there’s a look of surprise/shock and then a psychic shoe bonding spiritual moment, a flash really, then the answer.

“Of course! I bought these down the street at Easy Spirit on sale last week. You should go look!”

Awesome. I couldn’t believe it. I expected I dunno, harsh stares and a view of their backsides, I guess. And so here is photo number two, avocado easy spirit sandals that are comfortable.

Photo number 3 was grabbed on a blitz down one block of Chestnut street I think or maybe Walnut or 17th. Whatever, note to self, take notes. I didn’t mention to you that my death sprint with Britt (my son) involved doing it in a July Philly Downpour under a collapsable umbrella. Anyway, everyone there seemed prepared with these adorable rubber rain boots.

“May I take a picture of your shoes?”

“Yeah, sure. Why?”

“I’m starting a shoe blog and your boots are blog worthy.”

“Alright, yeah. What’s it called?”

I honestly don’t know if I told her it was a blog or my facebook. I out and out lied to someone else, because I hadn’t set up a blog, I just wanted to replace food pictures on my facebook with shoe pictures.

“100 pairs of shoes in Philly” and then I realized, I won’t be in Philly long enough to take pictures of 100 pairs of shoes. I will have to move on to other cities as my schedule takes me there. I honestly can’t wait.

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An American living in Rome, loving art, culture, food, fashion, architecture, history, and all things smart! I freely share my faith, opinions, and hope to give you a laugh sometimes and something to encourage you.

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