Maryjane Wedges – work worthy!

Pair no. 34:  I saw these work worthy cuties in Livermore, CA — why do the cutest shoes end up on the nicest women? I think that there must be something to loving adorable shoes that makes you friendly! I asked this woman if I could take a picture of her shoes and her face lit up the room! I know I keep saying that in every post it seems — but, it’s true! These wedges have the added maryjane factor and I think that I need a pair of them in my size!

Gray: to put a smile on your face

Pair no. 33: I couldn’t resist these shoes, exiting a car outside on a dull gray morning. I ran over to this car, with my roller bag containing all of my training materials for the day, and requested a photo of the shoes. All of a sudden the sun came out on her face and she began sharing with me all of the shoes that I should have a picture of in her closet. The driver of the car confirmed loudly that yes, indeed, I needed to see her other shoes.

Military goes Non-utilitarian

Pair no. 36  So here is a pair of Sam Edelman boots that called me from across the store. I saw them at Nordstrom in Chicago and didn’t buy them. I’m not paying full price for shoes I can’t work in for 8 hours! But, when I went back to Chicago (Oak Brook actually), they were on the sale rack. I sighed and knew that it was meant to be…just like when I saw my military coat in Burlington coat factory in Albuquerque in May. Just meant to be…like me and my darling husband, who contributed a military web belt to complete the look. Yup, military goes non-utilitarian in my closet.