Bullet Wardrobe List: SW

Bullet Wardrobe for South West
2 or 3 days in Phoenix

Here’s a note-to-self:

In the winter, Phoenix gets a little chilly at night and warm in the afternoon. Since it is the epitome of south west, it’s time to revel in all things south west/western, like Navajo or Hopi patterns, bandana patterns and denim. Here’s my bullet wardrobe list:

  • Jeans (for light hiking)
  • Heavy wool cardigan sweater (no jacket needed)
  • Denim or chambray shirt (not shown, in the laundry basket)
  • Cotton, lined, maxi dress (shopping, out to dinner)
  • Vintage silk scarf (trying to be French)
  • Rugged Freebird by Steven sandals (comfortable and holds up to dust and sand)
  • Hiking boots (summer weight)
  • Only jewelry needed: all things turquoise and silver

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An American living in Rome, loving art, culture, food, fashion, architecture, history, and all things smart! I freely share my faith, opinions, and hope to give you a laugh sometimes and something to encourage you.

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