100 Pairs of Shoes: Canvas and Marble

Pair no. 1: I have been thinking about this for a while — the idea of taking pictures of shoes being worn. I haven’t done it because, well, I didn’t want to seem like I had a syndrome. So on my Facebook, I was posting pictures of food. Everywhere I travelled, I would take a picture of food. I mentioned the idea of shoes, and my dear friends rallied around and said, yes, SHOES!! And so, I have begun. My first pictures were tentative and I have missed oh, so many opportunities to take pictures of flashy Philly sandals! Forgive me for starting out timidly. But here are the first examples of shoes.

My first photo was taken at the train station in Philly — 30th street. My son arrived from Chicago via Newark and these were the shoes he was wearing. Turquoise canvas shoes. Funky, nerdy, and retro. I loved them.